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About Kim DeRaadt

Kim DeRaadt is a Conversion Copywriter. She graduated from Sara Power’s Clickworthy Conversion Copywriting course. This course involved much homework/practice for the title she holds today.

Kim has an abundance of life skills. She has created several dishes that her family enjoys. Participated in supporting people in the Community going through trauma and loss. She has been an active member of her church’s community, all the while coping with chronic pain.

Her hobbies include” cardmaking, scrapbooking, and quilting. She loves to write, currently working on a novel.

She lives with her husband John for forty years, in Central Alberta, Canada. Kim is also a mother of 4 and a grandmother of 16, giving her life to never have a dull moment.

Let me tell you a story…

You are a business owner, trying to balance your time, getting things accomplished off of your Daily To-Do List. At the end of the day, you go through your checklist and your results for Fri Mar 18th is as follows:

  • Employee Scheduling… check
  • Inventory Started… No check
  • Problem # 1 dealt with… check
  • Last Week Tuesday Customer Follow-up… no check
  • Supplies Ordered… Check
  • Accounts Payable completed for this month… no check
  • Marketing… no check
  • Problem # 2 dealt with… check

Your best efforts were put forth. You ran out of time. You need new customers to come through your door or to engage in your website. What path have you been able to lay for this to happen?

You are ‘sick’ that customers have not been engaging in your business, for the last 5-7 months. All of your efforts to this date have been to no avail. You question yourself ”What can I outsource that will give me more valuable time to complete the projects I need to complete? What can I let go of, allowing me to focus on the business at hand?”

Imagine…… Have more time for your business, more time for your family? Time with your friends? How about bringing in more revenue to surpass being able to hire an accountant? To complete your inventory? To be able to hire an office manager to take care of things, while you focus your attention on what needs to be completed?

This is where I come in. Hi, I am Kim and I help business owners create Magnetic Messaging, to help you in attract leads, and give consistent sales for your business. I am a Conversion Copywriter. I have learned and mastered the art of selling with words. Whatever your business marketing needs, just leave it in my hands and I will carry you through. I will come up with a plan to address your needs. I will support you in showing your potential clients how they can leave their ‘world of pain’ in the rear-view mirror and step joyfully into your ‘Paradise of Possibility’.

Not only will outsourcing your copywriting help to free your time but your copy will also be completed quickly allowing you to concentrate on the business at hand. I work in the background for you.

Simply book an appointment with me, here: (button to pop up calendar for the client to book an appointment)

What I do

selling, enquiring, agreeing, informing, complaining

to clients, colleagues, staff, managers, suppliers

People reading brochures at exhibition

advertisements, leaflets, brochures, ads

press releases, articles, newsletters (ezines)

Programmers cooperating at Developing programming and website working in a software develop company

content developing white pages, persuasive arguments, websites, blogs

medical, business-related

biographies, memoirs, fiction, non-fiction

Got any questions?

A copywriter provides copy aimed to generate sales. Learning how to ‘sell with words’ is mastered.
Copywriting is persuasive writing designed to sell with words; copyrighting is the rules and regulations pertaining to property rights for original work belonging to the writer

– As a business owner, your tasks are monumental. You are too close to the puzzle, making it hard to write simply for your audience to understand how you are solving their problem. Your perspective as a business owner is quite different that an ‘outside source’. What you need is someone who can look at your business and identify key points that are most likely to attract new clients to your business. I will be the new eyes looking beyond.

All is specified in the questionnaire. You talk, I listen.
An outline will be forwarded to you within a few days.
From beginning to end, all handled with privacy and confidentiality.

I start out with a story, then persuasive writing with a call to action.

All costs are depending on length.

  • Letters – starting at $49.95
  • Emails – starting at $39.95
  • Public Relations – starting at $159.95 (frequency a factor)
  • Marketing – starting at $79.95
  • Content – starting at $88.95
  • Transcription – starting at $19.95 per page (Single spaced, 500 words per page OR Double spaced, 250 words per page)
  • Ghost Writing – starting at $210.00

I will re-draft further to your specifications.

I require ½ of the total cost up front

Writing biographies, memoirs, fiction, non fiction. I’ll write about a topic & taking no credit, just payment. You then take credit for the writing.

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Hi, I’m Kim, and I help online business owners create magnetic messaging so that they can attract quality leads, giving consistent sales for your business.

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